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Building a safer and more legitimate financial environment through blockchain solutions that increase transparency and promote informed decisions

Integrated Blockchain Analytics

Powered by an intelligent automation system and enhanced data analysis methods we continuously monitor over 70 risk categories from multiple sources, including:

premium data sources , public databases, sanction lists, regulatory and law-enforcement lists, as well as thousands of reliable social and media sources to deliver accurate and actionable information that helps asset holders and organisations identify blockchain profiles and emerging risks related to money laundering, cyber and direct crimes, seized funds, scams, investment & trade frauds, illegal trafficking,
and more.

Delivered in highly structured form, the analysis includes

Risk Score

Provides clarity and simplifies decision making by assigning a vital risk score to the wallet profile.

Risk indicators

Identifies and provides a clear description of the risk indicators related to a wallet.

Flagged transactions

Comprehensive and detailed list of all wallet transactions associated with risk, including entity information.

Financial Analysis

Analyse all wallet transactions and digital assets to obtain insights about the wallet's financial profile.

Owner identification

Details about the beneficiary owner and their associated risks.

Proof of Compliance

Assisting to leverage blockchain assets and easing the acceptance of holders with traditional financial institutions, our augmented due diligence provides a full overview of the subject and all his associated risks.

With safeguards against money-laundering (5AMLD) and terrorism financing (FATF), the certified Due Diligence report demonstrates compliance with laws, rules, and financial institutions such as banks, tax and AML.

Additionally, together with our partners, we place emphasis on building a better relationship between legacy financial
institutions and asset holders by educating them about the vital benefits of blockchain analysis tools, as well as engage with legislators and policymakers to ensure they are aware of the tool's existence and the valuable information it posses to fully comply with their standards.

How is it better

With the largest and fastest-growing database, we process and analyse thousands of data sources and sensors concurrently and are able to introduce a solution that was normally unattainable to the public. Our analysis covers a full financial analysis on a variety of blockchain assets taking into account the risk value and weight of each source to create insights that facilitate simple and instant decision making.


We comply with international AML standards and policies, and acting as a trusted partner to known financial institutions.

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